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Loyalty in the News

Up Close: Loyalty Scranton by Tucker Hottes
     The family of businesses on the 300 block of Adams Ave. in Scranton is about to get a little more loyal. Loyalty Barber Shop and Shave Parlor of Scranton opens its doors for First Friday on Nov. 7. The shop is a second location ....... READ MORE

Scranton Business Owners Agree With Biden’s Vision Of Hope by Peggy Lee  
      Tuesday’s vice presidential visit from Scranton native Joe Biden left behind a message of hope and opportunity, both for our country and for the city he once called home. Biden made that impassioned speech to the crowd at the ....... READ MORE

Loyal to the Trade by The Weekender
     With close shaves and neatly trimmed hair, parted and slick with pomade, the well-dressed proprietors, employee, and customers of Loyalty Barber Shop & Shave Parlor (7 Kennedy Dr., Archbald) seem to have walked out of the 1930s and .......

 Loyalty Barbershop Archbald PA by Daniel Lanton
     Most of the time my mornings are spent with the ladies at a wedding. The guys usually take a shorter time preparing for their wedding and it often feels like they have it easy on a wedding day, but every now an then the boys plan on .......

Loyalty offers a cut above by Chris Kelly
     As soon as we could walk, Dad took my brother and me to Jim Bell’s barber shop in a blue-collar neighborhood 20 minutes outside Pittsburgh. Jim’s place was a smoky, sunlit sanctuary where a guy could scratch what itched without being.......

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